Our services for buyers

  • We have a thorough knowledge about all horses offered by us

  • We invest enough time to understand our customers’ needs, to advise and accordingly, to find the right horse

  • We visit possible sellers in advance, supply photos and videos of the horses in question. Hence, you as a buyer do not have to tour around in vain and accordingly, safe valuable time and hassle

  • As soon as you contact us, we try our very best to offer you horses according to your needs, both from our public selling list and from our exclusive data base.

  • We supply all relevant data and information about the horses in question, and even in case of weak points or deficiencies. This is one of our basics for honest and fair trading

  • We advise our sellers, to let the horses for sale be examined by a qualified veterinary. In case that a horse is not examined yet or in case that an examination report is not up-to-date, we may assist you to organize this examination.

  • Based on our year-long cooperation with successful breeders as well as with distinguished  training and trading farms, we may also be able to offer you adequate horses on a short-term basis, which are not displayed in our public selling list.

  • If required, we can organize “horse shopping tours” for you. We will set up and send you a proposal prior to this tour including all necessary data and photos / videos. Once you have made your choice, which horses might be interesting to you, we will arrange for an effective tour itinerary.  If required, we may also arrange for hotel bookings, car rentals or any other required means of transportation. Especially customers from foreign countries appreciate our comprehensive services.
  • If you prefer, we may accompany you during your shopping tour. This will also enable us, to find out about your level of experience to horse ride, and if necessary, we may also adjust the shopping tour to find a horse which suits your needs and level of experience best.

Please feel free to contact us . . . .