About us

Pferdesportservice Marx is an established and innovative company in the equestrian business.

Our main field of activity is to put sports and leisure horses on the market efficiently and effectively.

We – and accordingly our customers - benefit from our year-long, in-depth-knowledge of the “scene”, as well as from our professional experience in the field of photography, video recording and presentation techniques.

To offer adequate horses, we cooperate with renown and successful horse breeders, dedicated private horsemen and distinguished training barns. Accordingly, we can guarantee to trade horses transparently and honestly.

As trading agents, and on behalf of our customers, we have to know what kind of horses we are offering or trading. Therefore, we inspect and check each individual horse individually on site, discuss with owners and riders, and make our own photo and / or video shootings.

Accordingly, we may propose you appropriate horses even when having the first telephone discussion, or we may as well advise you against considering a horse of possible interest.

At Pferdesportservice Marx, we do not own the horses ourselves and hence, we do not have to sell you a 6’ tall horse as a family friendly pony, but we will do our very best to offer you the right horse.

Please accept, that a great part of the horses for sale are not displayed in our selling list, for some owners do not want their horses to be put on sale in the internet publicly. In case you do not find an appropriate horse in our selling list, please feel free to phone us and we can discuss to find another horse which is not displayed.

Eva Marx, founder and proprietor of PS Marx, is dedicated to the equestrian sport from early childhood on. At the age of 5, she learned to horse ride on her first own horse and with 12, she got her young and inexperienced horse named Salomé. With her, she participated successfully in numerous competitions up to 135 – level. Beside Salomé, she also trained and competed with other horses.

During her studies at Aachen University, partially financed by giving horse riding lessons and by riding of other horses, she already founded Pferdesportservice Marx. Based on her year-long, intensive contacts to breeders and riders she established an effective business network and secondly, came to the conclusion, that trading horses can be far better than its common reputation.